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Meringues – Egg Free!

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Dessert / Gluten Free

Aquafaba is the bombe That liquid from a can of chickpeas that you’ve been tipping down the drain is pretty amazing stuff. You may have heard of aquafaba, and already be using it in anything and everything which is what one does. For those not already converted, it whips up much like egg whites and can be used as an egg substitute in so many ways. I encourage you to join and explore this Facebook […]

Gluten free chocolate tart

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Chocolate / Gluten Free / Pies and Tarts

This tart is dark, it’s intensely chocolatey, luscious, and joy of joys vegan AND gluten free. The process is simple, you will need to allow for the tart to cool and set (not much really), but the actual construction comes together in minutes. For the sake of ease, I left the toffee elements off but the result was delicious without adornment. Like many things of beauty, a little extra time and effort makeĀ all the difference. […]