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Easter Hot Cross Buns…In Cake Form!

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Cakes / Chocolate / Dessert / vegan

The incredibly creative and talented Hayley McKee from @stickyfingersbakery came up with a delicious twist on the Easter classic, hot cross buns. I love cake, I love buns, so this was perfect! The recipe has been adapted to be vegan friendly, and I decided against the meringue style buttercream. You can certainly make a vegan Italian Meringue Buttercream if you wish (and I highly recommend you do at some point). A go-to recipe by Geeky […]

Birthday Caking.

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Cakes / Dessert / vegan

Birthdays mean one thing, cake! Oh how I love thee. This vanilla cake is incredibly versatile, it’s really a blank canvas. You can edit the flavours any way you see fit, spice it, zest it, do your thing. The recipe halves very successfully, and you get enough height from the standard recipe to split the 2 cakes into a total of 4 layers if you’re feeling particularly fancy. The jelly layer sets up quite firm, […]

Cherries, chocolate…what more could you want? Perhaps a touch of alcohol, yes, that could do it.

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Cakes / Chocolate / Dessert / vegan

This is certainly not a black forest gateau, but it is delicious. My German friend would be unimpressed if I labelled it as such, but let’s just say that it has kirsch, chocolate, cherries and be done with it. You could make this as one large cake, and adorn it with lashings of the whipped coconut cream and cherries (perfection)…or make 8-9 adorable mini versions as I’ve done here. Either way, there will be cake. […]

Carrot cake, for grownups

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Cakes / Dessert / vegan

A little bit boozy, a little bit fancy. A whole lot of delicious. Don’t be put off by the number of elements here, they are all quite simple and totally worth it. The praline is deep caramel with the deliciousness of the seeds – think adult sesame snaps. The praline is deep caramel with the deliciousness of the seeds – think adult sesame snaps. The carrot gel brings a much-needed hit of ‘real’ carrot flavour […]

Meringues – Egg Free!

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Dessert / Gluten Free

Aquafaba is the bombe That liquid from a can of chickpeas that you’ve been tipping down the drain is pretty amazing stuff. You may have heard of aquafaba, and already be using it in anything and everything which is what one does. For those not already converted, it whips up much like egg whites and can be used as an egg substitute in so many ways. I encourage you to join and explore this Facebook […]

Gluten free chocolate tart

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Chocolate / Gluten Free / Pies and Tarts

This tart is dark, it’s intensely chocolatey, luscious, and joy of joys vegan AND gluten free. The process is simple, you will need to allow for the tart to cool and set (not much really), but the actual construction comes together in minutes. For the sake of ease, I left the toffee elements off but the result was delicious without adornment. Like many things of beauty, a little extra time and effort makeĀ all the difference. […]