IMG_4783Hi, and welcome to Rhiality Bites.

I’m Rhiannon, a 30-something living in Melbourne. My apartment is home to a delightful cat, Tiger Lily and many, many cookbooks. I also have an outrageously large cookie cutter collection. Really, I think there should be a CC Anonymous (I blame Nigella).

I bake, mostly. But you will also find simple and delicious meal ideas here. Even though this blog is dedicated to vegan recipes, I aim to make this a happy bonus. Your omni friends won’t miss a thing!

Unless stated otherwise, measurements are in metric. I use a fan-forced oven, so you may need to add 10-20 degrees Celsius for conventional ovens. Tablespoons are the Australian version, equivalent to 4 teaspoons.

I invite you to share your triumphs and your failures. Cooking should be an adventure, come join me.

insta: @rhiality_bites

pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/rhialitybites

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