Gluten free chocolate tart

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Chocolate / Gluten Free / Pies and Tarts

This tart is dark, it’s intensely chocolatey, luscious, and joy of joys vegan AND gluten free.

The process is simple, you will need to allow for the tart to cool and set (not much really), but the actual construction comes together in minutes. For the sake of ease, I left the toffee elements off but the result was delicious without adornment.

Like many things of beauty, a little extra time and effort make all the difference. I’d love to see your fully dressed versions.

I will use this beautiful Katherine Sabbath recipe as a jumping-off point for many variations. If you don’t already follow Katherine, I highly recommend you do. Her creations are stunning, neon-bright and above all delicious!

Watch this space for riffs on this delectable dessert…I’m thinking pistachio base, I’m thinking lemon and coconut cream filling. For times when chocolate is a must, cherries would work wonderfully in place of orange zest. I would poach them in vanilla sugar syrup before incorporating, leaving some pieces almost whole for texture. Dress the cherry chocolate tart with whipped coconut cream and shaved chocolate, naturally.

I halved the recipe without any issues. Let’s be honest, not many of us have an 18-inch tart pan and it’s probably best that I didn’t have the full sized version tempting me. New Year’s resolutions are still in full swing (for now). You could certainly make the full quantity and use individual tart tins if that’s your thing. I did keep the orange zest to the original quantity and suggest you do too. The orange flavour will intensify as the tart sits and the chocolate coating on the tart shell is a must. The tart will keep very well in the fridge for up to a week, if it lasts that long.

This will very likely become your new ‘go to’ dessert, I know it’s mine.



    • I sure do, I like to track as well. This is based on 1/2 Katherine’s recipe (per serve – 12 serves in total):

      Calories 346/Kilojoules 1448
      Carbs 26g
      Fat 23g
      Protein 7g
      Sodium 52mg
      Sugar 17g

      It will vary a bit depending on the dark chocolate, I used Lindt 70%. It’s very rich, so a small slice is plenty. Definitely a ‘sometimes’ food 🙂


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